Why do we need to know provider employment outcomes by disability?

A choice between providers that can’t provide skilled support and achieve employment outcomes for people with intellectual disability and employers isn’t a real choice.

People with disabilities and employers need to be able to make an informed choice based on which provider is most likely to achieve an employment outcome. It is important that choice is informed by published outcome results by disability type rather than by which service has the slickest marketing. 

Both DES and NSW-TTW programs currently publish provider outcome data. DES outcome data includes job placement and job retention rates by primary disability type. It is important that NDIS also publish employment outcome data for individual providers funded to assist NDIS participants in training or employment. 

Individual provider employment outcome data provides informed consumer choice; improves outcomes because more people select higher outcome providers; puts pressure on poorly performing providers to improve; allows good performance to be identified, guides workforce training design based on what works; and improves economic participation and achieves substantial economic savings. 


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  • Paul Cain
    published this page in FAQ 2015-07-07 12:00:16 +1000