What is customised employment?

The traditional job application and interview process is ineffective for most people with intellectual disability looking to engage with employers. Few people with significant intellectual disability get work through an advertised vacancy approach. 

The most successful employer engagement method for jobseekers with intellectual disability in Australia is job customisation. A customised job is designed to meet genuine employer need which adds value to a business. This is an employer engagement strategy conducted by a skilful provider seeking to meet business needs or solutions which also meet the strengths and interests of a job candidate.

A customised job is a set of tasks that differ from standard job descriptions and instead are based on tasks found within a workplace. A customised proposal unties the tasks that exist in a workplace and makes them available to be rearranged into a customised job description. It is a process which requires a much deeper level of interaction between providers and employers. This is employer engagement at a local, often personal, level. 


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