Sarah Wardle (Perth, WA)


I am a Count Me In Ambassador for Disability Services Commission in WA.
On leaving school my dream job was to work at the new Fiona Stanley Hospital but it was still being built so I had to be patient. But I let them know, well in advance, that I wanted a job there and maintained contact with them for the duration.

I finally started work there on 22 September 2014 in the Education Building performing an administration role. Once the hospital opened in February this year, my job was transferred to the Rapid Response Cleaning Team that keeps the hospital entry looking sparkling. Because I am in the main entry, I also help people with directions.

At this time, I work only 9 hours but am hoping to have my hours increased in future months. I'm keeping up the pressure!

In my role, I have shown that people with disability can work in open employment - we just have to be given the opportunity and the right support!

I am now at a point where I can work independently and have actually won an award for my dedication to the job.