Making an Informed Choice Makes a BIG Difference

The NSW Government publishes the number of school leavers with disability who get a job in open employment through the Transition to Work (NSW-TTW) program. This information helps school leavers make an informed choice when choosing a provider.

The 2012 results show that making an informed choice makes a BIG difference.

  • Nine (9) providers out of seventy-three (73) providers achieved eighty-one percent (81.1%) of all open employment outcomes.
  • The top two (2) providers, (Nova & Jobsupport), achieved forty-four percent (43.7%) of all open employment outcomes.
  • Thirty-five (35) providers did not achieve one (1) open employment outcome.

It is VERY important that school leavers and families look at past provider outcomes before making their choice of provider to help them get a job in the open labour market.

The NSW-TTW evaluation found that effective transition-to-work support can address low expectations and barriers preventing school leavers with significant disability moving directly into disability employment services. The evaluation identified the following critical success factors in achieving employment outcomes;

  1. Work experience and training in actual workplaces,
  2. Strong links with employers for work experience and ongoing employment,
  3. Employer confidence in a provider’s capacity to support employers and school-leavers,
  4. A strong relationship between the school-leaver, their parents, and the provider,
  5. A provider partnership with a successful open employment provider, and,
  6. Provider skill to create jobs which fit school leaver and employer needs.

School-leavers and families can increase their chances of getting good support and and getting a job in the open labour market by making an informed choice based on provider results.

Download 2012 School Leaver NSW-TTW Results

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