Sarah Wardle (Perth, WA)


I am a Count Me In Ambassador for Disability Services Commission in WA.
On leaving school my dream job was to work at the new Fiona Stanley Hospital but it was still being built so I had to be patient. But I let them know, well in advance, that I wanted a job there and maintained contact with them for the duration.

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Daniel Palmer - (Melbourne, VIC)


I have two jobs.

I work at the Glen Waverly branch of Woolworths where my job is to ensure the products are kept tidy and well presented.

I also work at the retail store of the Carlton Football club where I get merchandise ready for sale. As a Carlton fan, it is a dream to work at the club I support. I enjoy letting the customers know what a great team they are supporting when they come into the store.

I also find time to do other activities after work and have just become an assistant Dance Instructor!


Leif and Coulter Barstad (North West, TAS)

 Lief Barstad

Leif -- I moved from Montana in the USA with my family to live in Tasmania.

Since finishing school I now have two jobs. I work as an Administration Assistant at Ability Tasmania and as a Library Aide at Ulverstone Central Primary school on the North West Coast of Tasmania. I work 20 hours a week, and also help my mum and dad with work on our farm.

I do a lot of different jobs and love the social interaction work gives me, the sense of worth, and of course, the money!

Coulter -- My name is William Colter Barstad. I am 15 years old and I go to St. Brendan Shaw College. I am one of three brothers. The middle brother, my older brother, Leif has a disability called Down Dyndrome. This disability affects his mental and physical capabilities however this disability shouldn't be considered an inability.

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Janine Bonnicha (Hobart, TAS)

Janine BonnichaI just finished working at a sheltered workshop after 29 years!  I wanted to change my job.

Over the last 6 months I have had many work experiences to work out what I wanted to do. I discovered I liked to work in a kitchen. I have gained skills through work experience in basic food preparation, washing dishes and general cleaning.

I now have a paid job at the Carlyle Hotel for 15 hours a week.